July Hasch

My name is July Hasch. Yes, July,  like the month and no, I was not born in July. It was my great grandmother's name. I am a registered nurse currently working an assignment in Massachusetts. I am married to Bob Hasch the Boothbay Harbor Chief of Police. We live in Boothbay and have two mostly grown sons, Jack and Jay.

Bob did some fishing in his teen years with the likes of Rusty Court, Terry Stockwell and Larry Knapp to name a few. Our oldest son, Jack, currently works a a stern man for Matt Parkhurst. I also have family that lobsters up in Beal's Island, Maine. 

Last year's design (and judges's choice winner) was inspired by my youngest son's graduation and the fact that all the funds raised by the fashion show go to project graduation. Boothbay Region High School's colors are blue and gold. I designed pants using spinnaker sail cloth (nylon) in the school colors. I then crocheted a top using seine twine which is used in the making of lobster trap nets and which I finished at a high school football game the night before the show...I tend to procrastinate!! I designed a bolero style jacket from an old pair of yellow coveralls to top the ensemble!

The year before, and my first year participating, I designed a halter dress from and old pair of oil slicks that belonged to Earl Brewer, a local fisherman who died on the water. His family had become good friends of ours over the years and his wife was happy to donate a few of his things. I won a "community" award but really it was for the most sentimental design. His wife and family were there as well as some of his dear friends! I got a lot of hugs and a few tears for that one!

This year I am planning to work with seine twine again. It is very easy to work with! I have a few ideas but nothing is 100% as I generally wait until the last minute and sort of wing it!! 

I wish that I could use one of the high school seniors as a model but with my crazy schedule it has been impossible to coordinate so I have to be my own model....which I enjoy! 

I feel that the fishing industry is an important part of our coastal life and history but I'm not sure what the future holds...I hope that it continues to thrive!