Pesce Challenge 2019

It’s ok to be a pesce eater.

October is National Seafood Month and what better way to celebrate than to challenge yourself to EAT MORE SEAFOOD and learn about the environment and fishing while doing so.

Pesce Eater? Qu'est-ce que ça?


When someone asks me about my diet I don’t always know how to respond. I am quite cautious of some of my food choices because I get migraines, I enjoy having clear skin, and I want to minimize my impact on the environment and support local harvesters when I can. No cheese, minimal amount of dairy, not a lot of pasteurized foods, no pineapples, no apples, no bananas, minimally processed foods, very little red meat, etc. etc. When I make a reservation and the host asks if there are any food allergies in my party, I laugh. Because it’s not just me. I have friends that are celiac, vegan, vegetarian, trying a new diet, allergic to things, gluten-intolerant, and other stuff like that. I also hate when someone offers me something like pizza and I say no thank you and they say, “What are you on a diet or something?” No dude, I just eat right and you should too. One might say I’m a picky eater, but because I have also chosen to eat more seafood than land-based meats, I like to say I’m pesce. (Pronounced more like Pesky and less like Joe Pesci.)

Here’s how the PESCE CHALLENGE is going to work.

Clear Lake (1).jpg

Sign up below and starting on October 1, you’ll get a quick email in the morning with one thing that you can do during the day to become a more mindful seafood eater. How much you commit is up to you. The hope is that when the month is over you might have a better understanding of commercial fishing, eat a little more seafood than you have in the past, and make a bigger effort to take responsibility for the health of the oceans. It’s important to understand the environmental impacts of our food choices because our population is increasing and our environment is changing. Amanda Little says in her book, The Fate of Food, “Absurdly, the greenhouse gases that now threaten the future of the world’s farms are also largely produced by the farms themselves, especially the big mechanized ones. Most of us generate more planet-warming emissions from eating than we do from driving or flying.”

E-mails will include things like:

Seafood Grill.jpg
  • Simple and delicious seafood recipes and ideas for how to include seafood in your day. If you want to avoid “land meat” altogether that’s up to you but it is not expected during this challenge.

  • A link to an article about a current trend or issue in the fishing industry and how it impacts you as a consumer.

  • Discounts from local seafood vendors and restaurants who are also participating in the Pesce Challenge. (See below for partners.)

  • Fun facts about seafood and eating a diet that is heavy on food from the ocean.

  • Guest posts from Pesce Challenge partners. (See below for a list of partners.)

  • Things to be more mindful about. For example, picking up litter, looking at the ingredients in your face cleansers, taking care of your car, and going to bed early. (All of these things have something to do with the health of the planet.)

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