Alaina Marie

These are my shoes that I bought at a stop light. I wasn’t wrong to do that.

These are my shoes that I bought at a stop light. I wasn’t wrong to do that.

I try so hard not to buy things on impulse but when something comes across my path that’s colorful and Maine-y and also lobster-y, well then, there’s not much I can do about it. This is how I ended up with my first bait bag clutch from Alaina Marie a few years ago. And now I also have two pairs of Keds from the Alaina Marie X Keds collaboration that, no lie, the first pair I purchased on my phone while waiting at a stop light because I just couldn’t wait. Since I’m such a fan of course I had a few questions for Alaina Marie.

Can you tell me more about your inspiration for the bait bag clutch?

When I saw a lobsterman's bait bag for the first time, I was drawn to the bright coral color it was. It was so fun and different! I actually didn't even know it was a bait bag at first, but I thought it would be a cool carrier because of the color and mesh material it was made from. I bought a couple of them to play with and before I knew it, I had transformed the real bait bag into my clutch version of a bait bag! 

Do you have connections to the fishing industry?

I have zero connections to the fishing industry!

In a BDN article from a while back you said, “Anything Maine-made and nautical is hot right now, so I’ve got that on my side.” Do you think that is still the case, why or why not? (I really hope so!)

I do think that is still the case! As long as makers keep producing great products and content, there will always be a market. I think Maine harbors a unique community of creativity which makes products from this area stand out. 

Are there any other things you see fishermen using that inspire you?

I have always loved taking a certain object or material and using it in an unexpected way, so the answer is definitely a yes! 

How has it been having your business right in the Old Port? What kind of stuff do you hear tourists say in your shop about your stuff or seafood or fishing or Maine?

I think the #1 thing I consistently hear is that our mesh line is "so cool" because of its origin. Not everyone really knows the story just from looking at one of my bags, but once they hear more about it, you can see the lightbulb turn on in their heads. 

Do you eat seafood, and if so, what's your favorite way to prepare it?

I LOVE seafood! Steamed is my go-to always - I love a big bucket of steamers with just a splash of butter! (and lobster too, obviously!) 

Anything else?

Alaina Marie was started with a passion for creating. I feel that I am just getting started and have so much more I want to do with this company!