Salty AF: Corey Wheeler Forrest

Aragosta Mama_ Corey Wheeler Forrests_Maine

Corey lives in Little Compton, Rhode Island. She's a mother of two and a badass fisherman aboard the Maria Mendonsa with her brothers and father. Her family has been fishing for over 100 years; they are some of the last trap fishermen in their area. You can read more about Corey here and here and here.

Corey claims to be antisocial and says, "I’m happy hanging with my kids and husband. I'm exhausted after fishing; I like going to the beach in the summer and I read a lot. For years I was running, everyday, but I’ve taken a break from that.... I don’t know if it’s just my 41 year old body that is saying, I need a break or what, but haven’t been motivated at all!"

Aragosta Mama_ Corey Wheeler Forrests_Maine

You can see Corey's tattoo on her arm in the photo on the right. It's a nautical chart of Narragansett Bay. She got it so she could show other fishermen and sailors where her family's gear can be found.

Where to get it - photo credits:

Top Right Image:
Hat: Seattle Knit beanie from Filson
Bandana: Madewell
Shirt: Patagonia via Farmcoast Outfitters
Oilskins: Guy Cotten
Photo: Maaike Bernstrom photography

Bottom Image:
Hat: Rockfish Baseball Cap from Salmon Sisters
Sweatshirt: All Good Things are Wild & Free from Salmon Sisters
Bandana: Madewell
Mug: Classic One Hand from Stanley
Tear? Thanks to the freezing fucking cold.