I want people to think seafood and fishing are cool.

Aragosta Mama - Monique Coombs - Portland Maine

There’s really no better way to explain it. I want seafood to catch on like how kale went from decor on a salad bar to being the main event in a salad. I want fishermen to be revered and celebrated the same way the farmers are held up on pedestals. I want people to lose their gosh darn minds when they hear about loss to a working waterfront the same way they might feign devastation when they hear of a farm being paved over for a runway. I want to do this in a way that is authentic and sans bullshit. Domestic seafood is good for you, your mental health, the health of the environment, and supports local coastal communities. We need a new way to talk about seafood and fishing, and I hope to pave the path to that new way here.

About me

Aragosta Mama - Monique Coombs - Grundens - Portland Maine

I am married to a lobsterman and live in a fishing community, I've also worked for the fishing industry for over a decade. This includes writing for publications such as National Fisherman and Commercial Fisheries News as well as working with organizations such as the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries, USM, MIT, and the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association, where I am currently the Director of Marine Programs.

I’ve lived on Orr’s Island longer than I’ve lived anywhere else in my life (15-years) but I’m still not allowed to say I’m from here because I wasn’t born here. I was born in Belgium and was raised in Germany. We moved back to Maine when I started high school but came home to Maine every summer while we were stationed overseas.

I love my Golden Retrievers, fishing with my family, the Florida Keys, shopping, reading, and Wu-Tang Clan.

Looking to do a story about fishing, fishermen, seafood, or waterfront communities in a way that is authentic and not just another story about a fisherman waking up early? Please contact me at monique@aragostamama.com.

You can read more of my writing & stuff HERE.

Aragosta Mama - Coombs Family - Lobstermen - Portland Maine
Aragosta Mama - Coombs Family - Lobstermen - Portland Maine